New Brand – Koziol

New Brand – Koziol

We are glad to announce that Lobena will be the new representant of Koziol in Portugal.

This is a family company, just like Lobena, that stands for design with clear conscience. Koziol produces household products since 1927.

Thanks to koziol’s philosophy of manufacturing exclusively in Germany, we stand for responsible, future-oriented design with a clear conscience.

The organic collection with cellulose: 100% pure material, 100% recyclable, extremely long-lasting, food- and dishwasher-safe, and without any harmful substances. This new material is composed of cellulose fibers and thermoplastics.

The Superglas line, illustrated in the image on the left, is one of Koziol’s references in the last two years. This is a line of unbreakable glasses, which has been a real success. At the end of the text you will find a specific brochure for presenting these products.

A brush is a brush is a brush. But not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand. All our products are designed, developed and produced in the wonderful Odenwald – since 1927.

We suggest that you check the following presentation to know more about Koziol:

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