Simplehuman 2019/2020

Simplehuman 2019/2020

Simplehuman’s new collection has as its highlight the golden products. For the bathroom you can find the 4.5 liter trash can and the wall mounted sensor mirror, a 45 liter rectangular bucket has also been launched for the kitchen.

The sensor mirrors family is increasingly and gaining expression. It already has a very wide range of models.

At the moment, there is a wide variety of colours of the wall mounted version and two models ready to be carried: the pocket mirror with 3x magnification and the travel mirror that folds and can be stored in a bag with 10x magnification.

In addition there are 4 standing mirrors. The most basic is the “Touch Tontrol”, which magnifies 5x and has light intensity adjustment; the “Pro”, which has a 5x magnification base and a small additional 10x mirror; the “Trio”, which is a mirror with two sides, one with 5x magnification and another one with a normal area and a smaller part with 10x magnification, which also has light intensity adjustment; finally, the “Wide View” differs in size and the possibility of folding the sides, has no magnification, but has a small 10x magnetic mirror. The new catalog is entirely in Portuguese and was developed specifically for our market. Ask our sales team for this document or download the pdf version via the following link:

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